Okuhida LUUP Experience Fukuchi – Shin Hirayu – Hirayu

There are mornings that can be enjoyed thanks to LUUP.

In Okuhida Onsengo, there are few morning breakfasts.
Of course, if you stay at a ryokan, you can basically enjoy both dinner and breakfast at the inn.

There are restaurants in Fukuchi Onsen, where I am based, that serve lunch and dinner, but none of them offer morning meals.
Moreover, I came to Okuhida Onsenkgo by highway bus and I do not have a car.

In the neighboring Shin-Hirayu Onsen, there is Tsumugidokoro Tanagokoro, which offers morning breakfast from 7:00 am.
I love the mornings here. However, it is about 25 minutes on foot from my base, Okuhida Manyokan.
It takes about 30 minutes because of the return trip and uphill. It is 60 minutes for what seems like a round trip.

It takes a little over 5 minutes by LUUP to get to this “Tsumugidokoro Tanagokoro”.


Okuhida Manyokan Departure
Passing in front of the morning market, descend the steep Fukuchi slope.
Apply the brakes and proceed slowly.
Unlike Tokyo, Okuhida has severe ups and downs, but the traffic is extremely light, so it is good to be able to drive slowly at your own pace.


From Fukuchi Exit, take Route 471 toward Shin Hotaka and Toyama.
The road is a little wider because it is a national highway, but there is still very little traffic, so we are going slowly down the hill at our own pace.


Arrive at “Tsumugidokoro Tanagokoro” in Shin-Hirayu Onsen
Lock (pause) with the application.


After enjoying a leisurely morning, unlock the app and depart from “Tsumugidokoro Tanagokoro”.

The weather was beautiful with mountain ranges and sky!
The air is delicious after dinner!

The return trip is uphill, so we will continue toward Hirayu and Takayama on Route 471 at a speed of about 16 km/h, even slower than on the outward trip.


Turn right at the Fukuchi Exit toward Fukuchi Onsen
Once off the LUUP, push through the crosswalk to make a two-step right turn.


Arriving at Fukuchi Onsen, we will climb a steep hill to Okuhida Manyokan.
7km/h^;; up a steep hill at a slow, slow, slow pace.
Only at this low speed! Enjoy the beautiful Fukuchi Onsen townscape.


Arrive at Okuhida Manyokan and temporarily return the LUUP!


After picking up our luggage, we left Okuhida Manyokan to board the 9:35 bus bound for Shinjuku at the Hirayu Bus Terminal!
Say goodbye to Fukuchi Onsen.
See you next week~!


After passing Okuhida Garden Hotel Yakigake, a sharp left turn and steep uphill
The speed is a whopping 6 km/h^^;.
It is no longer a fast walk ^^;;;.
Oh, oh, it’s late!


Merge onto Route 471 by turning right!
From here, the road continues to climb further.
The road is wide and there is little traffic, so the cars pass on their own. The road is wide and there is little traffic, so cars will pass on their own.


Arrive at Kumasaka!

The most difficult part of this national road, the uphill, is 12%!
But it is pretty compared to the slopes of Fukuchi Onsen.
It is going up at a speed of 10 km/h.


Drive toward Hirayu Bus Terminal, and on the way, turn right at a small crossroads with “Tsuruya Shoten” (liquor store) on the left and “Annex Hotel Hirayu no Mori” on the right diagonally, and go about 70 meters to arrive at OKUHIDA BASE, the return port for Hirayu Onsen!

Arrive at OKUHIDA BASE, a return port in Hirayu Onsen!
The battery life gauge is down by only one memory.
Return the LUUP and head for Hirayu Bus Terminal.

From here it is a 3-minute walk to the Hirayu Bus Terminal.


Arrival at Hirayu Bus Terminal!
With about 20 minutes until the bus to Shinjuku departs, we bought some souvenirs and drinks and boarded the bus!