Rental Car & Secondary Transportation in Okuhida Onsen and Hirayu Onsen

The gateway to Okuhida Onsengo is the Hirayu Bus Terminal (Hirayu Onsen).

Access to Hirayu Bus Terminal, about 60 minutes by local bus from Takayama Nohi Bus Center next to JR Takayama Station.
It takes about 80 minutes by local bus from the Matsumoto Bus Terminal next to Matsumoto Station.
Furthermore, it is easily and conveniently accessible by direct bus from the Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal next to Shinjuku Station, which takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

To get around the Okuhida area from Hirayu Bus Terminal, a rental car is very convenient as secondary transportation is fragile. But…
There are no rental cars in Hirayu Onsen and other Okuhida Onsengo areas.
Moreover, cabs are rarely seen.
The main means of transportation for tourists using public transportation is by bus or on foot.

The nearest rental car is in downtown Takayama or downtown Matsumoto.
About 60 minutes by car from Takayama to Okuhida Onsengo.
About 80 minutes by car from Matsumoto to Okuhida Onsengo.

*The road from Matsumoto to Hirayu is a narrow mountain pass, so those who are not accustomed to driving should be careful.

Main rental cars in downtown Takayama

Reservations with International Driver’s License

Main rental cars in downtown Matsumoto

West side of Matsumoto Station (Alps Exit)
This side is convenient to go to Hirayu and Okuhida.

Matsumoto Station East Exit side (Matsumoto Castle side)

Reservations with International Driver’s License

I don’t want to drive such mountain roads! I want to take an easy bus to Hirayu bus terminal! I don’t have a driver’s license!
Here is good news for those people.

2-minute walk from Hirayu Bus Terminal, the base for secondary transportation in the Okuhida area.

OKUHIDA BASE offers secondary transportation that does not require a driver’s license.

1. E-bike (electrically assisted bicycle) rental

Okuhida Onsengo is an area with many hills. Therefore, we have prepared a sports type electric power assisted bicycle (E-bike) that is easy to ride even on mountain roads.

2. Electric micromobility sharing (LUUP)

It is also ideal for those who are not confident in their physical strength. The motor is the only power needed to climb the slopes of Okuhida. It is ideal for those who want to travel slowly and leisurely in the Okuhida area.

For those who want to tour around the city actively and enjoy nature, electric bicycles (e-bikes) are available!
For those who want to tour around slowly and easily, the electric kickboard LUUP is available!
Why not use it as a means of transportation within Okuhida Onsengo?